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Why help Burma's people?

Right now, Myanmar’s military are at war with their people. Due to modern media, we have all heard and seen things reported that we cannot believe a military could or should do to their own people.

It makes us all horrified, sickened, shocked and angry! We feel so helpless and we want to do something, but what can we do?

In any war zone, natural disaster and catastrophic event, as soon as possible, people need safety, shelter, a regular supply of water, food, and medical aid and assistance.

We, at the Haven Foundation and many other organisations like us in Thailand, have been assisting and continue to provide aid and supplies to the Myanmar people in need.

Several shipments of rice, water, blankets, hammocks, tarps, medicines and supplies have already been gladly received by those impacted, however, much more will be needed as the situation evolves.

Please help Burma’s people.

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