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Our Children's Homes

Twice a year Haven Homes has to pay for the children's school fees for all the homes under The Haven Project. This amount has been increasing due to the children getting older.


Some of the children are now doing vocational studies and this adds to the  annual amount of fees.


Please help us help them get a good education so that our children can follow their dreams.

Haven Project Children's Homes are a temporary respite from an often sad world and a place where orphaned, partially orphaned and those deemed to be in high risk situations can find a 'haven,'  or place of safety.

Children are raised in loving family environments where they are fed, clothed and  educated.  House parents are taught basic first aid and regular health checks are also conducted by our medical personnel.

As you can see from the above photos our homes function the same as any family home.  The children eat, play, sleep and share chores together.  House parents only have one group of children to care for.  As their children grow older and leave home they are invited to take on different roles within Haven's programs. By protecting the family unit in this way we find they enjoy being involved in the lives of the children as parent and even grandparent figures beyond the homes.


Link HERE for information on Child Sponsorship and a breakdown of the costs involved in running a home.

Please consider​ Sponsorship

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