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Medical Program Overview


Thank you for your interest in our medical programs.   This page contains an overview of the projects facilitated by our medical staff 


Village Assessment

Village assessments happen throughout Thailand and Myanmar and also India. When the Haven Project medical staff first witnessed the suffering of villagers due to limited access to medical resources and medical knowledge they felt they had to do something.

In 1996 medical outreaches to the villages began. Teams are sent out to assess a village's needs before one of the Haven Mobile Medical Clinics is despatched. 

Needs can include: sanitation, water quality, refuge disposal...

Mobile Medical Clinics

Mobile Medical Clinics are  sent out to "help those who cannot help themselves."  Medical teams can be as small as two people and as large as 20 people, depending on the remoteness of the area and the extent of the needs awaiting them.  

The outreaches usually provide basic health care and advice to people who can not access normal health care or to whom it is very difficult to get routine health care.  People with more serious conditions are either referred to a nearby clinic, taken to the clinic by staff or arrangements are made for them to receive the care needed. 

Medical Training & Resourcing

One of the best ways to meet the medical needs in remote and rural villages is to train others and the Haven Project Medical Program is already doing this.  We need your support to:

  • Maintain the current high level of excellence of our own medical  staff by enabling them to enrol in further study in key areas. 

  • Train and equip teams of medical workers that can run a  Mobile Medical Clinic

  • Facilitate training seminars for teams from other organisations  and ministries.

  • Equip our own staff and leaders with basic first aid and  emergency medical knowledge.



Village Health Training

Village health training is designed to teach leaders in remote villages basic health, hygiene and emergency care. 


Unnecessary deaths regularly occur in remote villages due to a lack of knowledge of fundamental health principles.  


Our medical team addresses this lack by providing access to medical care, basic health and first aid knowledge.

Medical Equipment & Resources

We are currently in need of the following items:


3  x  Portable Defibrillators


Dressing Supplies for Mobile Medical Clinics

Pollution masks 


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